You’ve seen our work. But we can’t show it to you.

Most of our clients are ad agencies. We partner with them to produce campaigns for their clients. For various reasons, our clients don’t always want us to reveal our involvement. We always honor our promise to be discreet (not to mention the NDAs we signed). And, frankly, we take pride in being the invisible engine behind a lot of highly visible campaigns. So instead of presenting our list of clients, we’ll show you some of the ways we’ve helped their success.

One campaign. Ten countries.

We were approached by a new client to launch a global online banner campaign in ten countries. They provided an initial design of 300x250 banners with unique images and approved copy. Each country’s deliverables needed to be resized into eight different sizes, with the copy rendered in their respective language. We completed this project within two weeks — with minimal rounds of design edits.

Local office. Remote studio.

We partner with the local office of a large agency network that has no on-site studio support. We act as their de facto studio for print mechanicals, handling an average of five jobs per month. We’re always available to collaborate with their producers and account managers to complete their jobs on time.

Ready when they are.

We’re the overflow resource for an agency studio with a fluctuating workload. Frequently we’ll handle requests for next-day services. Sometimes they don’t hit our inbox until 5:15 pm on a Friday—with a deadline to review files first thing Monday morning. We deliver without a fuss, keeping their studio staff rested for an undoubtedly busy week ahead.

Coast to coast workflow.

We have an East Coast client for whom we’ve developed an overnight workflow. On longer projects, we share files for their 9 am review. They email us feedback by 9 am on the West Coast. This keeps the production engine progressing day and night to meet the deadlines. Even when stakeholders on one coast or another aren’t on the clock.

Due today? Done.

Recently we received an 11:53 am email from a client who needed their new ad to be resized and delivered by 2 pm the same day. We quickly secured the assets and specs and hustled to turn it around. We submitted the ad for review by the agency and their client, and after approval, we prepared and delivered release files — at 2 pm on the dot.